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Occupational Health and Safety Procedures

Parent Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy is supported by a range of:

  • Procedures;
  • Guidelines;
  • Information sheets;
  • Hazards alerts;
  • OHS management system documents; and
  • other documentation

The following Procedures, Guidelines, Information sheets, Hazard Alerts, General Documents and Management System Documents are available in the OHS Documents website.


  • General chemical storage guidelines for laboratories, studios and workshops
  • Ionising radiation dosimetry procedures
  • Notification procedures for positive Legionella bacteria and/or multiple elevated bacterial levels in cooling tower water, and confirmed case/s of Legionella disease
  • OHS Procedures for work & study during times when emergency response is limited
  • Procedures for disposal of liquid radioactive waste
  • Procedures for disposal of low level, solid radioactive waste
  • Procedures for first aid
  • Procedures for hazard & incident reporting, investigation & recording
  • Procedures for health & safety issue resolution
  • Procedures for health & safety of students undertaking studies in laboratories, studios, workshops or clinical activities
  • Procedures for immunisation
  • Procedure for in-service inspection, testing & tagging of electrical equipment
  • Procedures for isolation of machinery/equipment
  • Procedures for managing incidents of bullying and occupational violence in the workplace
  • Procedures for OHS consultation
  • Procedure for protecting the unborn child from the effects of ionising radiation
  • Procedures for protecting unborn and breast-fed children from the effects of maternal exposure to chemical and biological agents and animals
  • Purchase and storage of scheduled poisons
  • Ionising radiation sources: Purchase, registration and licensing procedures
  • Storing dangerous goods in laboratories, studios & workshops
  • Use, design and modification of machinery and equipment at Monash University
  • Using biologicals and animals at Monash University
  • Using chemicals at Monash University
  • Using ionising radiation at Monash University


  • Drug and alcohol management program guidelines for supervisors
  • Ergonomics – Computer user guide
  • Ergonomics at Monash computer workplace design guidelines
  • Guidelines for health & safety during field activities in country & remote areas
  • Guidelines for health & safety during off-campus activities undertaken in urban areas
  • Guidelines for health & safety during international activities
  • Guidelines for health & safety during student & staff placements
  • Guidelines for the development of safe work instructions
  • Guidelines for identification of areas requiring regulatory or hazard signage at Monash University
  • Guidelines for the Inclusion of OHS roles & responsibilities into position descriptions and engagement profiles at Monash University

Information Sheets

  • OHS Information Sheet No. 7: Wood Dust Exposure
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 8: Dust Allergy and Laboratory Animal Allergy
  • OHS Information Sheet No.10: Asbestos
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 11: Indoor Thermal Comfort
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 12: Hepatitis B Immunisation for First Aiders
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 13: Use of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems: Fume Cupboards
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 16A: Legionella and Cooling Towers
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 16B: Risk Management of Cooling Towers
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 17: Syringes, Needles and Syringe Barrels – Use and Disposal
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 18: Pregnancy and Work
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 19: Working Outdoors
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 20: Ross River Virus Disease
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 21: Traveller’s Thrombosis
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 22: Laser Pointers and Controlled Weapons Act
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 23: Uranyl Acetate and Uranyl Nitrate
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 24. Hydrofluoric Acid
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 25: First Aid for Cyanide Poisoning
  • OHS Information Sheet No. 26: Smoke-Free Environment at Monash University

OHS Hazard Alerts

  • OHS Hazard Alert - Children on Campus
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Electric Cabling in In-Floor Service Ducts
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Emergency Release Devices for Door Latches
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Explosion in a Materials Engineering Laboratory
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Eye Injury from a Shattering Pasteur Pipette
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Fire in a Pharmacology Laboratory
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Glass Pipettes: A Source of Common Laboratory Injuries
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Inadvertent Heating of Magnetic Stirrer/Hotplates
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Laboratory Freezer Fire
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Plumbing of Natural Gas Supply to Safety Cabinets
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Over Heating of Ovens and Other Heating Devices
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Recent Hydrofluoric Acid Fatality in Perth
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Risk of Asphyxiation with Liquid Nitrogen
  • OHS Hazard Alert - Use of High Vacuum Pumps with Cold Traps  

OHS General Documents

  • Drivewise–A Guide to Driving Safely & Reducing Environmental Impact
  • Guide to OHS training at Monash University
  • Monash University OHS plan
  • Monash Unviersity OHS faculty plan
  • Monash University OHS strategic plan
  • OHS cooling tower management
  • Pets on campus
  • Risk control program
  • Waste management plan for autoclaved waste generated at Clayton campus
  • Workplace inspection program

OHS Management System Documents

  • Contractor OHS management at Monash University
  • Guide to the Monash University OHS management system
  • Health surveillance at Monash University
  • Monash University OHS audit program
  • Monash University OHS management system chart
  • OHS audits at Monash University
  • OHS corrective and preventive action at Monash University
  • OHS induction & training at Monash University
  • OHS management at Monash University: Structure, functions, roles & responsibilities
  • OH&S monitoring, measurement and registration at Monash University
  • OHS records management at Monash University
  • OHS risk management at Monash University


Occupational Health & Safety Policy Committee
Occupational Health, Safety & Environment
Heads of academic/administrative units and controlled entities
Staff and students with health and safety responsibilities
Health & safety representatives
Supervisors and managers

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