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Domain Names Policy


1. To enhance and protect the University's brand and reputation in online domains.
2. To define a consistent, flexible and simple structure and naming standard for internet devices and services operated by Monash University and Associated Entities.
3. To define sensible names that are easily remembered (or guessed) and directly embody familiar branding of Monash departments, services and products.
4. To define a consistent regime across all countries in which the global Monash operates, having regard to both international conventions and local variations.
5. To enable the effective routing of email and other Internet traffic under the centralised administration of the eSolutions Division.



Monash University Australia
All Monash Associated Entities
All staff and students

Policy Statement

  1. Monash University owns the right to use its name, including within domain names.
  2. The Chief Information Officer and Vice-President (Information) in consultation with the Office of Marketing and Communication is the sole authoriser of any domain name request involving the top-level or second-level domain name levels (i.e.  .xx and .yy.xx) or using the Monash brand name. This covers domain requests on behalf of the University in Australia or Associated Entities (in Australia or overseas).
  3. In Australia:
  • The Chief Information Officer is the sole authority for approval of all other lower level Domain Name Requests.
  • The eSolutions Division allocates and administers Internet Domain Names and email addresses used by Monash University.
  • Applications for Domain Names from Domain Name Authorities shall only be made by eSolutions.
  • Names shall only be used for the purposes for which they were granted, subject to the University's Regulations, and subject to external legislation and regulations.
  • Domain Names for entities and activities related to Monash University Australia shall also be allocated and administered by eSolutions, including where domain names are not required to include the word/s Monash or Monash University
  • eSolutions will aggressively acquire Domain Names relevant to Monash University. These may be pre-emptive acquisitions and reserved for potential or protective rather than immediate use.

Supporting procedures

Domain Names Procedures

Supporting guidelines

Responsibility for implementation

Chief Information Officer (CIO)



Key Stakeholders

Vice-President (Marketing and Communication)
Chief Information Officer and Vice-President (Information)
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Malaysia)

Approval body

Name: Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President (Administration)
Meeting: N/A
Date: 30-July-2015
Agenda item: N/A

Endorsement body

Name: Chief Information Officer and Vice-President (Information)
Meeting: N/A
Date: 30-July-2015
Agenda item: N/A


Domain Name Request: a process to register an address on the internet (domain name), usually a web site. A domain name is a unique name and must be registered with an external domain name registry with associated administration and costs.

Domain Name Levels: the Domain Naming System (DNS) is a global hierarchical system for naming devices and services on the Internet. The top- level domain (TLD, or parent domain) is at the highest level and resides to the far right of a domain name. Levels of domains are separated by periods ("dots"). A second-level domain is a domain that is directly below a top-level domain. Second-level domains commonly refer to the organisation that registered the domain name with a domain name registrar. For example, in, ‘monash’ is the second-level domain of the’ .edu’ top-level domain.

Associated Entity: includes all organisations that have a direct and formal association with Monash University Australia including organisations within Australia or in other countries. These may include joint venture partners, wholly owned subsidiaries or entities in which the University holds an interest of any kind such a shareholding interest or membership interest.

Legislation Mandating Compliance

All relevant legislative instruments that stipulate requirements with which members of the Monash community (all of whom are subject to the law) are obligated to comply.

Not Applicable

Related policies

Not Applicable

Related documents

Monash Top Level Global Domain – for information and contractual obligations on .monash top level domain, see

Date Effective


Review Date



Chief Information Officer and Vice-President (Information)


Portfolio Manager – Customer (Web), eSolutions

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