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Access to and Use of Electronic Resources Licensed by the Library Procedures

Parent Policy

Access To and Use of Electronic Resources Licensed by the Library Policy

These procedures provide an overview of the terms and conditions of access to and use to electronic resources licenced to the Library on behalf of the University, and should be read in conjunction with its parent policy and the Access To and Use of Electronic Resources background paper.

To comply with licence agreements, the University must limit access to users as defined in each of the electronic resources licence agreements.  The majority of these licence agreements define authorised users as staff and students of the University as defined by the University Statute. The inclusion of additional categories, such as alumni, walk-in users and affiliates is not always possible and therefore not consistently granted across all licences.  Walk-in users generally have to access the electronic resources on-campus through a dedicated Library computer terminal.  Use of the electronic resources must comply with the particular licence terms governing that resource.  Use of electronic resources is generally limited to study, teaching and research purposes.

The Library controls access to electronic resources via Authcate and Ezproxy software.

Definition of terms

Authcate: An Authcate account (consisting of username and password) is the primary means for users to access Monash University Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities and services as outlined in the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Facilities by Students and Staff Policy and Procedures.
Licence Agreements: A written commercial agreement between the University and the copyright owner (e.g. publisher/software company) setting out the terms under which the product/material may be used, who can access the product/material and from where, and the terms of remuneration. Licences usually pertain to multiple items of copyright material that have been packaged together as a commercial product, e.g. electronic journal databases.
Electronic Resources : Databases, online journals, electronic books, online audio or video recordings, electronic datasets such as statistical information. Examples of electronic resources licenced to the Library may be seen at
Staff and Students : Staff and Students of Monash University are defined in Monash University (Council) Regulations.
Terms of Use for Electronic Resources: Electronic resources licenced to the Library are governed by licence agreements which restrict use to specific users, namely Monash staff and students. Some licence agreements allow walk in users, alumni, and affiliates to use their resources.
Walk-In User: Anyone who comes into a campus library to use electronic resources through a dedicated library workstation.
Ezproxy: A software application used to manage the use of electronic resources to specific cohorts of users and IP addresses.

Terms of Use

  • Users must be responsible for limiting use to non-commercial academic research or learning purposes, and must not systematically download, distribute, or retain substantial portions of information as per the licence agreements.
  • Copyright and proprietary notices must not be removed from any printed or downloaded material and all use of material must be cited appropriately.
  • The use of software, including scripts, agents or robots, is prohibited and may result in the loss of access to the resources for the entire Monash community. Users found to be in breach of these terms of use may be suspended from access to all subscribed electronic resources.
  • Users are legally required to comply with any additional terms of use as specified in an electronic resource licence agreement, as notified.
  • Users found in breach of these terms of use may be suspended from access to all subscribed electronic resources.
  • Electronic resources used for teaching purposes must comply with the licence terms of use of the electronic resource from which the material was sourced. A summary of licence terms relating to teaching of common databases is available at
  • Walk-in use: Public access workstations will still require guest log in to provide access to electronic resources that allow walk-in users without the allocation of an individual Authcate account. Guest access is only provided to those electronic resources that specifically state walk-in user access.
  • Alumni use: A limited number of vendors allow alumni access to their electronic resources. Alumni must be a member of the library (electronic resources) and use is restricted by a user name and password.
  • Other users: Other users who may access electronic resources are defined in each licence agreement and vary considerably across licence agreements. The Library negotiates wherever possible to include all Monash University staff and students. External users such as affiliates and alumni are negotiated on a case by case basis and generally access is not granted by the vendor. External users and affiliates must have an Authcate account.


  • On commencement of a new member of staff or student, or other request for Authcate access, the University staff member responsible for assignment of Authcate must establish the person's status according to the definitions given in the University statute. Status is indicated by the appropriate staff or student attribute in the Monash Directory Service entry and must be authorised. Authcate and Monash Messaging Services (MMS) accounts must be created using the steps detailed at

 The Library controls access to electronic resources via Authcate and Ezproxy software.


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