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Access to Electronic Resources Licensed by the Library Policy


To set out the conditions of access for resources licensed by the Library on behalf of the University, in order to ensure that use complies with the associated contractual agreements.

Access to resources licensed by the Library is controlled by individual user authentication (Authcate) accounts. Authcate defines access privileges to selected suites of computer based services for staff, students and other authorised account holders. This policy addresses access to resources licensed by the Library for staff and students, as defined in chapter 1 of the Statutes of Monash University, and other categories of users as defined by the contractual agreements.

For background information please read the Access to electronic resources policy and procedure: discussion paper.


All campuses
All staff, students and other authorised users

Policy Statement

Electronic resources licensed by Monash University Library are provided only to Monash University staff and students (as defined in the Monash University Statute), walk-in Library users and certain other authorised users as permitted by contractual agreements with vendors.  Access to these resources is controlled by Authcate.

The Library is involved in the decision making process when new categories or cohorts of users are being considered for Authcate, to enable the Library to advise on implications under the University's licence obligations.

Supporting procedures

Access to Electronic Resources Licensed by the Library Procedure

Supporting guidelines

Responsibility for implementation

Senior Management Team (Expanded)
Heads of Schools/Departments and Centres
University Librarian
Human Resources Division
Faculty IT Managers



Key Stakeholders

University Librarian
Chief Information Officer and Director, Information Technology Services
University Solicitor

Approval body

Name: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Meeting: n/a
Date: 16-August-2010
Agenda item: n/a

Name: Vice-President (Administration)
Meeting: n/a
Date: 17-August-2010
Agenda item: n/a

Endorsement body

Name: General Library Committee
Meeting: 02-2010
Date: 16-June-2010
Agenda item: 8

Name: Senior Management Team (ICT)
Meeting: 03-2010
Date: 04-August-2010
Agenda item: 5.1


Authcate: an Authcate account is the primary means for users to access Monash University computing services. It consists of a username and a password and provides access to restricted pages on the Monash website and other Monash resources which are protected by a password.

Commercial licence: a written commercial agreement between the University and the copyright owner (eg publisher/software company) setting out the terms under which the product/material may be used and the terms of remuneration. Commercial licences usually pertain to multiple items of copyright material that have been packaged together as a commercial product, eg journal databases.

Electronic resources: Databases, online journals, electronic books, online audio or video recordings, electronic datasets such as statistical information. Examples of electronic resources licensed by the Library may be seen at

Staff and Students of Monash University: These are defined in Statute 1.1 - Interpretation as follows: 'administrative officer' means an employee of the university not being a member of the teaching staff or a professor whether or not a member of the teaching staff; 'member of the administrative staff' means any person designated as such by the Council 'teaching staff' means those members of the staff of the university holding appointments, whether full-time or part-time, as professors, readers, associate professors, clinical associate professors, senior lecturers, lecturers, assistant lecturers and such other members of the staff of the university as are appointed by the Council to be members of the teaching staff 'students' means those persons who are enrolled at the university either as candidates for any degree or diploma of the university or to pursue any subject or unit of the course for such a degree or diploma but does not include any student of another institution who is pursuing any subject or unit by arrangement between the university and the other institution, and does not include any person who: (a) has qualified for the degree or diploma or has completed the subject or unit, as the case may be; (b) has been excluded from the university pursuant to the statutes or regulations; (c) has had his candidature terminated pursuant to the statutes or regulations; (d) has not for any academic year or other period of study re-enrolled by the date for re-enrolment specified by the registrar; or (e) has given to the registrar signed written notice of discontinuance.

Terms of use for electronic resources: Electronic resources licensed by the Library are governed by licence agreements which restrict use to the Monash community and to walk-in patrons. Students and walk-in patrons must be responsible for limiting use to non-commercial academic research or learning purposes, and must not systematically download, distribute, or retain substantial portions of information. Copyright and proprietary notices must not be removed from any printed or downloaded material and all use of material must be cited appropriately. The use of software, including scripts, agents or robots, is prohibited and may result in the loss of access to the resources for the entire Monash community. Users found to be in breach of these terms of use may be suspended from access to all purchased electronic resources. Users are also legally required to comply with any additional terms of use as specified in an electronic resource. Staff should note that any use of electronic resources for teaching purposes must comply with the contractual terms of use of the electronic resource from which the material was sourced.

Walk-In-User: Anyone who comes into a campus library to use electronic resources through a dedicated library workstation. Public access workstations use a guest log in to allow access to electronic resources without the allocation of an individual Authcate account for each user.

Related legislation

Monash University Statute 1.1 - Interpretation
Monash University Intellectual Property Statute 11.2
Monash University Intellectual Property Regulations
Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth)
Copyright Act 1978 (South Africa)
Copyright Act 1987 (Malaysia)
Copyright Regulations 1969 (Commonwealth)
Trade Practices Act 1974 (Commonwealth)

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