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Copyright Compliance Policy


To affirm Monash University's commitment to comply with the copyright law.


All campuses
All staff, students and other authorised users

Policy Statement

Monash University respects copyright and the rights of copyright holders under the law.

Monash University values innovation in teaching and research and supports the lawful use of copyright material for these purposes.

Copyright compliance is the responsibility of each individual staff member, student or other authorised user.  Staff and students may access detailed advice and guidelines about copyright on the University Copyright website.

All staff, students and other authorised users must take reasonable steps to ensure that their activities comply with copyright law and must take all reasonable efforts to uphold the University's own intellectual property rights including copyright.

Staff, students and other authorised users must not knowingly expose the University to the risk of copyright infringement.

Intentional misuse of copyright works (whether third party or University-owned) by staff, including acts which authorise others to infringe copyright, will contravene the University's conditions of employment and the University may commence disciplinary proceedings.

Students must not knowlingly infringe copyright of third parties or the University, or authorise others to infringe copyright; such acts will contravene Monash University (Council) Regulations Part 7, and the University may commence disciplinary proceedings.

Where the risk of copyright infringement is unclear or disputed, students, staff and other authorised users must seek advice in accordance with the Copyright Compliance Procedures (Australia only).

The University will maintain appropriate compliance structures to support its commitment to respect copyright laws.

Supporting procedures

Copyright Compliance Procedures for Australian Campuses
Copyright Compliance: Take-down Procedures for Copyright Infringements (Australia only)

Supporting guidelines

Responsibility for implementation

Heads of Schools/Departments and Centres
University Librarian
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)



Key Stakeholders

University Solicitor’s Office
Copyright Advisory Group (CoAG)
University Copyright Compliance Officer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Sunway Campus)
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Monash South Africa)

Approval body

Name: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Meeting: n/a
Date: 19-August-2013
Agenda item: n/a

Endorsement body

Name: Copyright Advisory Group
Meeting: (by email survey)
Date: 26-July-2013
Agenda item: n/a


Authorised users: As defined in the Information Technology Use Policy - Staff and other Authorised Users -

Legislation Mandating Compliance

All relevant legislative instruments that stipulate requirements with which members of the Monash community (all of whom are subject to the law) are obligated to comply.

Copyright Act 1968 (Australia)
Copyright Act, 1978 (South Africa)
Copyright Act 1987 (Malaysia)
Copyright Regulations 1969
Monash University Statute
Monash University (Vice-Chancellor) Regulations Part 5
Monash University (Council) Regulations Part 7

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Acceptable Use of Information Technology Facilities by Students Policy
Sanctions Compliance Policy
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Related documents

Intellectual Property Framework
Monash University Student Charter

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Chair, Copyright Advisory Group/University Copyright Compliance Officer


University Copyright Compliance Officer

Content Enquiries

University Copyright Adviser

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