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Audit and Risk Management Policies

Audit and Risk Management policies and procedures are available from the links below. Please note that the procedures are open only to Monash staff. The Audit and Risk Management site contains further information about the Legal Compliance and Risk Management frameworks.

Fiscal Misconduct Policy 

Fiscal Misconduct Procedures  (Monash only)

Fraud and Corruption Policy

Fraud and Corruption:  Control Procedures

Fraud and Corruption:  Reporting Procedures

Legal Compliance Policy

Legal Compliance Procedures (Monash only)

Risk Management Policy

Risk Management Procedures (Monash only)

Sanctions Compliance Policy

Sanctions Compliance:  Admission and Enrolment of Students and Provision of Education and Research Training Procedures

Sanctions Compliance:  Research Collaboration and Research Services Procedures

Tuition Fee Concession for Diplomats and their Dependents Policy

Tuition Fee Concession for Diplomats and their Dependents Procedures (Australia only)