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Monash Graduate Attributes Policy

The Monash Graduate Attributes are consistent with the University's strategic aspirations, as set out in Monash Directions 2025 and the Academic Plan, and reflect the vision of Sir John Monash that individuals should develop themselves not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of the community [1923]. They underpin Monash's coursework courses.

Monash University prepares its graduates to be:

1. responsible and effective global citizens who:

     a)  engage in an internationalised world
exhibit cross-cultural competence
demonstrate ethical values

2. critical and creative scholars who:

     a)  produce innovative solutions to problems
apply research skills to a range of challenges
communicate perceptively and effectively


Approved by : Academic Board 4 3/2011, (item 16.1).

Endorsed by: Education Committee 3/2011, (item 13.3), 11 May 2011.