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Course Titling and Abbreviation Procedures

Parent Policy

Course Titling and Abbreviation Policy

These procedures apply to university and faculty awards.

Tagging Degrees

When an award is tagged, the tag must relay significant disciplinary content. For example, Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) would be an example of a 'good' tag, while Bachelor of Arts (Humanities and Social Sciences) would not.

When a course is a tagged version of another course with the same basic form of title, there should be course structure similarities between the two.  For example, a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Science (Environment) should have a basic structural relationship; two Bachelor of Business (tagged) degrees should have the same initial form.  If this is not the case, then a specific title is more appropriate; a Bachelor of Business Systems would be more appropriate than Bachelor of Computing (Business Systems).

In a tagged degree, there should be a mechanism for students to move to the untagged form or to an equivalent award, even if there is to be no intake into that course at first year. For example, a student who has enrolled in Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) should be able, if their interests or abilities have changed, to transfer to a Bachelor of Arts without significant loss of credit.


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Approval of Tagged Coursework Award Titles

Faculties shall establish tags for generically structured and approved awards via proposals for major course amendments.


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Approval of Tagged and Joint Higher Degrees by Research Titles

Faculties shall apply to establish tagged and joint higher degrees by research via new course and joint award proposals, as set out in HDR Course Accreditation Policy.


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Course Nomenclature Standards

These standards must be applied consistently in all sites of course information.

  • The qualification category must be capitalised as shown in the nomenclature templates below.
  • The field of study must be capitalised.
  • The pattern of capitalisation in the full title should be followed in the short title and abbreviation.
  • Punctuation should not be used when abbreviating.
  • There should be no spaces in abbreviations.
  • Abbreviations must comprise no more than 20 characters in total.
  • Course titles must comprise no more than 100 characters in total.
  • Award titles must comprise no more than 90 characters in total (which is planned to be increased to 150 characters in November 2013).
  • The short name is normally the same as the abbreviation, but may include indications of other features, such as the funding status of students enrolled in Higher Degree by Research (HDR) courses to indicate a high or low funding or for collaborative courses to indicate incoming or outgoing students.
  • If a course is a double degree course the two degrees should be separated by an ‘and', and the short name and abbreviation should be separated by / (forward slash).
  • For titles of tagged courses, the specialisation should be enclosed in ( ) (round brackets) with a space before the bracket.
  • If a course has a specialisation in the title, it may be dealt with in two ways:
    1. If it is enclosed in a bracket, it should be "Grad Dip of Generic (Specialisation)"
    2. If it is not enclosed in a bracket, it should be "Grad Dip in Specialisation".

          The choice should be consistent with articulated courses, ie;

  • Grad Cert of x (y), Grad Dip of x (y), Master of x (y), OR
  • Grad Cert in Specialisation, Grad Dip in Specialisation, Master in Specialisation

12.  For collaborative award courses with external partners, the course title shall contain the Monash award with the type of collaborative arrangement (ie, dual, double or joint award) and the name of the external partner in brackets.


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Course Nomenclature Templates

Associate Degree

TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Associate Degree in Business and Commerce AssocDegBusCom


Bachelor Degree

TitleShort NameAbbreviation

Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) BA(Journ) BA(Journ)

Double Degree

TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Laws BE/LLB BEd/LLB
Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) and Bachelor of Science BA (Journ)/BSc BA(Journ)/BSc

Honours Bachelor Degree

TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) BA(Hons) BA(Hons)
Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedics) (Honours) BEH(Pmed)(Hons) BEH(Pmed)(Hons)

Double Degree Honours

TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Laws BA(Hons)/LLB BA(Hons)/LLB

Graduate Certificate

TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Graduate Certificate in Taxation GradCertTax GradCertTax
Graduate Certificate of Business (Management) GradCertBus(Mgt) GradCertBus(Mgt)

Graduate Diploma

TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Graduate Diploma in Computing GradDipComp GradDipComp
Graduate Diploma of Arts (English) GradDipA(Engl) GradDipA(Engl)

Postgraduate Certificate

TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Postgraduate Certificate of Education PGradCertEd PGradCertEd

Postgraduate Diploma

TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Postgraduate Diploma of Education PGradDipEd PGradDipEd

Collaborative Awards with external partners

TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies (Double Masters with Jean Moulin Lyon III) MInter&TransSt (Incoming) MInter&TransSt


TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Master of Emergency Health MEmergHlth MEmergHlth
Master of Business (Accounting) MBus(Acc) MBus(Acc)
Master of Engineering Science (Research) MEngSc(Res) MEngSc(Res)


TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Doctor of Philosophy PhD PhD
Doctor of Medicine MD MD
Doctor of Public Health DPH DPH

Higher Doctorate

TitleShort NameAbbreviation
Doctor of Economics DEc DEc


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Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Research Training)
Student Services Division
Associate Deans (Education)
Associate Deans (Research Training)

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