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Access to Monash Courseware Procedures

Parent Policy

Access to Monash Courseware Policy

The purpose of these procedures is to provide information to assist in the development and storage of web materials for student use while ensuring compliance with legal constraints on the use of information and resources.

Intellectual Property

Care must be taken to ensure that Monash course materials do not infringe third party copyright or rights in other intellectual property such as trademarks or logos.

Copyright will subsist in all inputs such as text, computer programs, photographs, music, drawings, diagrams and maps. This may include contributions made by students as part of their assessment or participation in a unit.  

No material should be made available unless Monash owns the copyright or has a licence to use the material for the appropriate purpose. Material placed online in reliance on Educational licences contained in Part VA (Screenrights) or Part VB (CAL) in the Australian Copyright Act must be at level 2 or higher access only. Material reproduced under these licences should be password protected, including digitised copies of journal articles.

Refer to the university's information about Monash University (Vice-Chancellor) Regulations Part 5  and Copyright.

Electronic journals are copyright and may only be accessed by current staff and students in accordance with the terms of the licence purchased by Monash University Library. Level 1 access is not permitted.


Personal information should never be disclosed on a website without prior consent in writing from the individuals concerned.

Personal information from a website may be used for research purposes in certain circumstances and provided that published outcomes do not identify an individual. Proposed arrangements for such research should be discussed with the Solicitor's Office.

Software Licences

There are different levels of licensing for software used within Monash. Any access granted to internal or external users must be in accordance with the terms of the relevant licence.

For more information see Software Catalogue.

Web Design

Material must be compliant with the Monash Brand Guidelines.

Copyright Warnings on Course Materials

Copyright warnings must be included in course materials across the University as set out at Monash University copyright indicators and statements on the copyright website.


Faculty staff and webmasters

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