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Discipline: Student Policy

Please note that this policy applies only to student discipline matters report before 23 July 2012. For matters reported on or after 23 July 2012, please refer to the revised Student Discipline Guidelines.

Please note that this policy has not yet been revised or converted to the new format.

Monash enrolled students

Refer to Statute 4.1 - Discipline.

Refer to Discipline (Student) - Guidelines (Monash Staff Only)

Open Learning Agency of Australia P/L students

See Discipline - Students Procedures


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that student discipline proceedings follow standard procedures.


This policy applies to Monash coursework students and students of Open Learning Agency of Australia P/L undertaking Monash units and courses.

Except when a student is currently enrolled in a Monash University award course, students who undertake units provided by Monash University through the Open Learning Agency of Australia P/L are not enrolled students of the University for the purposes of the University's Statutes and Regulations, including Statute 4.1 - Discipline.


"Academic misconduct" means cheating or assisting to cheat whether in an examination or non-examination context;

"Assisting to cheat" means assisting a student with an examination or other written or practical work with the intention that the student will thereby obtain an unfair advantage;

"Cheating" means seeking to obtain an unfair advantage in an examination or other written or practical work with the intention that the student will hereby obtain an unfair advantage;

"General misconduct" means any behaviour in relation to people or property which is contrary to generally accepted standards of behaviour and includes refusal to obey reasonable directions given by a person employed by the University.

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Governing Documents

Responsibilities for Implementation

  • Faculty wide – Deans, Associate Deans (Teaching), Faculty Managers/Registrars
  • University Wide – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), Director - Executive Services

Review Schedule

Academic Board shall consider this policy for review in conjunction with any review of Statute 4 –Discipline, or three years after approval, or earlier if required.


Approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Planning) on 2 December 2002

Change to "Responsibilities for Implementation" made by Education Committee Meeting 6/2005, 26 October 2005.