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Discipline (Student) - Guidelines

Please note that these Guidelines apply only to student discipline matters reported before 23 July 2012. For matters reported on or after 23 July 2012, please refer to the revised Student Discipline Guidelines.

These Guidelines should be read in conjunction with Statute 4.1 – Discipline and are intended to assist faculty managers and other academic and general staff in the faculties. They are not to be mailed out to students: the only information from the Guidelines that should be sent to the student is the Rules of Procedure for a Discipline Committee Hearing (rtf 18kb).


In 1996, the Education Committee established a Working Party to review the principles and procedures which should apply in cases of student misconduct. The Working Party reported to the Committee of Deans in August 1996, and after further consideration and discussions between the faculties, students and the University Solicitor’s Office, Statute 4.1 - Discipline was revised in 1998 to reflect the Working Party’s major recommendations.

The Discipline Statute, as amended, gives the faculties responsibility for the discipline of their own students. Charges of general and academic misconduct, including academic misconduct in formal examinations under the control of the General Manager, must be investigated by a faculty discipline committee (FDC). The former University discipline committee has been renamed the central discipline committee (CDC) and functions as a committee of appeal only. However, provision has been made to constitute a smaller CDC from the membership of the CDC panel for the purpose of hearing charges of general misconduct brought against students from different faculties when the charges have arisen from the same incident and should be heard together

The faculty manager/registrar is responsible for establishing and servicing the FDCs. The University Solicitor will no longer present the University’s case in discipline hearings and the faculty will be responsible for defending an appeal brought by the student against a decision of a FDC and presenting the faculty’s case at a re-hearing before the CDC. The University Solicitor will only act for the faculty in cases before the CDC when the student is represented by a barrister or a solicitor from an external firm.

Section 1 Reporting Student Misconduct

Section 2 Responsibilities of the Faculty Manager

Section 3 Discipline Committees

Section 4 Appeal to the Central Discipline Committee


Sample charge letters

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Rules of Procedure for a Hearing of a faculty discipline committee (rtf 18kb)


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Discipline (Student) - Guidelines



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section 2.2.2 paras 2 & 3 amended and approved by the University Solicitor's Office 4/7/2002

section 3.8 added and approved by the Education Committee at Meeting 1-2005 held February 16th 2005