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Posthumous Completion and Conferral of Awards Policy


To provide for the posthumous conferral of awards while ensuring that the standards of the University are maintained with regard to an appropriate level of academic performance having been achieved.


Any person enrolled in a Monash award at or near to the time of their death.

Policy Statement

The University Council will posthumously confer awards on the advice of the faculty in which the student was enrolled, and on the advice of the Research Graduate School Committee (RGSC) in the case of doctoral and MPhil degrees. The faculty or the RGSC must be satisfied that the conditions set out below are met and will deem the deceased student course complete.

Awards by Coursework

At the time of death, the student must have had not more than the equivalent of one semester of full-time study remaining to complete the award.  However, at the discretion of the Dean, the faculty can recommend that a posthumous award by conferred for a student, who at the time of death, had greater than one semester of full-time study remaining to complete the award.

Awards by Research

At the time of death the student must have completed sufficient laboratory work, papers and publications, literature reviews, or other tangible evidence to indicate that had he/she lived, in the normal course of events the requirements for the degree would have been satisfied.   

Supporting procedures

Posthumous Completion and Conferral of Awards Procedures

Supporting guidelines

Responsibility for implementation

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education)
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Research Training)
Secretary to Council
Manager Graduations
Associate Deans (Education)
Associate Deans (Research)
Associate Deans (Research Degrees)
Faculty Managers/Registrars



Key Stakeholders

Associate Deans (Education)
Associate Deans (Research Degrees)
Faculty Managers
Manager, Enrolments, Student Administration
Manager, Monash Research Graduate School (MRGS)
Manager, Graduations
Secretary to Council

Approval body

Name: Academic Board
Meeting: 3/2011
Date: 01-June-2011
Agenda item: 16.5

Endorsement body

Name: Education Committee
Meeting: 3/2011
Date: 11-May-2011
Agenda item: 13.5


Related legislation

Monash University Act 2009 
Statute 6.1.2- Courses and degrees 
Degree Regulations pursuant to Statute 6.1.2 - Course and Degrees

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Chair, Education Policy Committee and PVC (Research & Research Training)


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